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Events & Demos

SCA events are for SCA participants, and are not open to spectators (as Ren Faires or SCA demos are). Before attending your first event, we recommend that you get in touch with our newcomer liaison, or other SCA members.

Upcoming Events:

The Barony is always looking for people to organize and run events and feasts! If you are interested , please contact the seneschal.

Other events:

East Kingdom University
A day of classes and workshops. Held several times throughout the year, in locations around the kingdom.

Pennsic War - held each August, in western PA.
Official event website - this annual conflict between the East and Middle Kingdoms features tournaments, mass battles, archery, classes, and merchants galore!
You can also visit Pennsic.Net, which has an introduction to Pennsic, a FAQ, photos, stories, message boards, and more.

People planning on camping with Settmour Swamp at Pennsic must preregister with the campground and with the Barony.

See the East Kingdom Event Calendar for more events in our area.

Past Settmour Events:

Historical Event Listing
A synopsis of past events run in the Barony, with autocrats and locations.
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