Postponed: Black Gryphon Inn XXI

  In light of the recent announcements by the CDC and surrounding state governments concerning Covid-19, the Canton of Gryphonwald has decided to postpone their signature event.   The new date for Black Gryphon Inn is October 3rd, 2020.  All previously submitted registrations for April 25th will be rolled over to this new date.  If,… Read More

 Black Gryphon Inn XXI (cancelled)

Come one, come all and welcome! On April 22nd, 1500, Pedro Álvares Cabral and his Portugese ships landed on the shores of what we now know as Brazil. On April 25th 2020, the Canton of Gryphonwald will explore what was happening on April 21st 1500 as we celebrate the indigenous people of Brazil in an… Read More

 Gryphonwald is Now Accepting Bids for Black Gryphon Inn XXI

  While it may seem far off now, Black Gryphon Inn will return before we know it. It’s time to start planning. If you have interest in running an event, cooking a feast, or helping out in any other way, please contact our Canton Seneschal as soon as possible. We hope to discuss this topic… Read More

 Arts & Sciences at the Black Gryphon Inn

Whether you’re a seasoned scadian or total “noob”,  the Inn of the Black Gryphon is a cozy affair, and a wonderful place to show the artistic, crafty, or performing side of your persona…… Read More

 Black Gryphon Inn XX

Welcome all travelers, comrades and compatriots from near and far!   Join the Canton of Gryphonwald to celebrate two decades of opening our doors to you, your family and friends for a day of warmth, amiability, and good cheer!   As we grow and prosper, we are proud to announce that their excellencies wish it… Read More

 Black Gryphon Inn XIX

Damen und Herren, the Canton of Gryphonwald opens their tavern to you for a day of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer!  Although there remains a winter chill in the air, let us warm your heart.  There will be dance!  There will be song!  And perhaps best of all, Lord Jon Renwick and Raela a Bheithir… Read More

 When is Black Gryphon Inn?

You may have noticed that the signature event of the Canton of Gryphonwald is not currently listed, neither here nor on the East Kingdom event calendar. The canton is dealing with an unforeseen scheduling conflict, and is actively working towards a solution.   We are confident we can bring something together and see all of you… Read More

 Black Gryphon Inn XVIII

  Winter has past into memory, Spring has arrived, and the Canton of Gryphonwald is preparing to greet our new Baron and Baroness to the Canton!  By order of the Seneschal Failenn Finn, the canton’s meadhall is to be opened for the celebration.  Aife Bean Mhiclomhair will be preparing a wonderful Norse feast for the… Read More

 Black Gryphon Inn XVII

Come one, come all, and celebrate with us! It has been 30 days since the Black Death has claimed a citizen of our great city. Paris must rejoice! No longer shall we dawn our mourning garb. No more shall we forgo our lavish lifestyles. We have no more need for our pomanders and salves. Let… Read More

 Black Gryphon Inn XIV: German Traveler’s Inn

  It is time friends, to ready yourselves for a journey. Say your apologies to those you have offended. Make out your will. Have a staff and scrip prepared. A pilgrimage is in your future. But before we leave the lands of our villages provisions must be bought for the coming days. One should have… Read More

 Black Gryphon Inn VI: Viking Mead Hall

The Canton of Gryphonwald invites one and all to our 9th century viking mead hall event!  Those fearless enough to brave the chilling winds will take part in our nordic thrown weapons braid toss tourney!  Also, bold warriors who can laugh at frostbite will have the space to do so during the day!  For those… Read More