Whether you’re a seasoned scadian or total “noob”, the Inn of the Black Gryphon is a cozy affair, and a wonderful place to show the artistic, crafty, or performing side of your persona.


Test out your cordial, beer, mead, or other delight against the populace of Settmour Swamp! The winner of this competition shall be honored as the new Baronial Champion of Brewing.


Not everyone is quite up for the structure, challenge, and visibility of contests like our recent King and Queen’s A&S competition, and that’s why Gryphonwald hosts a less formal version.   The format is as simple as a anonymous populace vote on entries of any medium, and is open to craftspeople of any skill.


God Bless Our Noble Swamp” was first sung in 1981, and a strong, dedicated tradition of saga and song has continued in Settmour Swamp ever since.  BGI is a proud host of our Barony’s search for the next Bardic Champion, so get ready to come and regale the swamp with a Swampy Story or Muddy Melody.