This Saturday, August 19, is the Canal Day Demo. It will be open to the public from 10 am to 5 pm. The site opens to those of us who are participating at 8:30 am.… Read More

If you want to camp with the Swamp at Pennsic 46, you must register with Pennsic and also register to camp with the Swamp by June 23. Swamp Pennsic Form… Read More

Congratulations to our neighbor, the Barony of Bhakail, as their new Baron and Baroness are Invested. Congratulations to Master Rowen and Mistress Suba. Photos from this event are available on FaceBook. Dayna Tarabar photos:… Read More

The QUEST event is on Memorial weekend. Updated details of the timing, location, and schedule are in the East Kingdom announcement: Quest for Wit and Wisdom XXXIII Discussions of specific activities are ongoing on the Barony FaceBook page and the FB event. Volunteer to help this event run smoothly! Ursula… Read More

We have three events coming up in the next few months. ¬†Each event needs many hands to help create a wonderful medieval experience. Volunteering is FUN!!! ¬†Volunteer for BGI, Spring Crown Tourney and/or QUEST!!!… Read More

Settmour Swamp Food and Cooking on Saturday April 8 for details: 1) Click on the Mudpuppy tab 2) Click on the April Mudpuppy newsletter icon 3) Scroll to page 4 Or check the FaceBook group… Read More