We are happy to announce that the baronial polling period is open now through January 8, 2021. Each paid member will receive a letter in a separate individual envelope so be on the lookout! Every envelope have a sticker on the back with the baronial heraldry for easy identification.

The envelope contains: (i) the polling letter / form – to be completed, signed and returned; and (ii) a self-addressed and stamped envelope for returning the completed form – all you need to do is fill in the return address and pop it in the mail!

We really appreciate your attention to this important matter for our Barony. Even with one candidate pair, in order for the polling process to be valid we need to have 50% of the ballots returned. Please note, anyone under the age of 14 is counted in this 50% threshold. As a reminder, the two requirements for you to vote are (i) that you live in Swamp proper and (ii) you have a current membership.

If you are a paid member have not received your letter by December 14th, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at seneschal@settmourswamp.eastkingdom.org.

Bummed you missed your chance for a cool sticker in last month’s election? Well you are in luck! To thank you for your participation, we will be mailing baronial “I voted!”stickers to all Swampies who confirm they have returned their completed form. Once your return form is in the mail, send me an email to claim your sticker!

Yours in Service,