We’ve been hearing some people are having difficulty registering for events, particularly with the avenue of payment via paypal.
To clarify this process, when users fill out the registration form supplied by East Kingdom, a human steps in to generate an invoice, and a payment link is then sent via email to the address supplied by that form.
Due to the manual process between the form submission and paypal invoice, this email may take anywhere from an hour to a day or so.  Please check your inbox for emails from paypal@eastkingdom.org.  Subject lines will resemble these two examples:
  • Invoice from EK PayPal (Day of Martial 2021-003)
  • Invoice from Society for Creative Anachronism NY Inc (Quest 2021-001)


If the form has been filled out, but an email has not arrived, please feel free to reach out to the Webminister, and we’ll get you sorted out.