Let the call go out that a challenge has been made!

The Baron and Baroness of Settmour Swamp are seeking new champions in the forms of Fencing, Armored combat, and Archery!  We invite all to come and join in the fun.  Our current champions have served us well and are now devising devilishly fun challenges to help us decide who will win the honor of standing as our champions for the next year.

We invite all to participate even if you would not stand as champion you can help to test the skills of those who would.  To fulfill the role of Settmour Swamp Champion we ask that you hold no other championship title within or without our Barony.  We would like to have as many as possible enjoy the spotlight and do not wish to divide loyalties by sharing with our Cousins from other Baronies.  If attending Pennsic (not a requirement) we would love to support you in representing Settmour Swamp at the Baronial champion tournaments that occur there each year.  Your duties as champion are to process and stand with us in Court when present at Baronial events, to represent the Barony on the field with honor when you travel abroad, and of course to design the challenges that will help to choose your successor the following year.

Our Day of Champions will be held this year at the beautiful Vasa Park in Mount Olive.  We would like to make this day a celebration of the Swamp!  We invite all to come out for a day of fun, bring your projects or just come cheer on your friends.  We will be having a picnic potluck lunch and invite everyone to bring a dish to share.  Spread a blanket on the grass, grab a picnic table, or bring your camp chairs and enjoy the fun and fellowship of your fellow Swampies and our friends from afar.

We look forward to seeing everyone and to meeting the next Champions of Settmour Swamp!

Site Opens: 10 a.m.
Site Closes: 6 p.m.

1 Vasa Dr
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

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