Come one, come all, and celebrate with us! It has been 30 days since the Black Death has claimed a citizen of our great city. Paris must rejoice! No longer shall we dawn our mourning garb. No more shall we forgo our lavish lifestyles. We have no more need for our pomanders and salves. Let us finally again exude the vitality and spirit for which Paris is known world round!

The doors of Black Gryphon Inn open once more in order to celebrate the end of the plague and the restoration of a healthy and vibrant France!

We are overcome with anticipation for our indulgent 4-course feast featuring recipes from such contemporary greats as Taillevent, the master cook to the Court of France.

Throughout the day, we will lift your previously heavy hearts with festivities such as lively dancing and delightful games!

For those of you who are invigorated by a sense of competition, we welcome you to participate in one of our many challenges!

Test your skills in the arenas of art and science by entering a piece of work in our populace vote A&S competition. It is beneficial to provide alongside your piece a short description of the work and its origin or inspiration.

Submit a sample of your favorite concoctions to our Brewer’s competition. This competition shall be split into two categories, consisting of brewed libations in one arena and infused cordials in the other.

Lastly we are honored to host our Barony’s Bardic competition! Come before our Canton of Gryphonwald, the Barony of Settmour Swamp, and our esteemed Baron and Baroness to compete in our Bardic competition and become the next Baronial Bardic Champion of Settmour Swamp! All who wish to participate, please come with a small index card with brief documentation to be presented before the competition begins.

We look forward to seeing the breadth of society at our grand celebration. Come shed with us the darkness and grief of recent times and revel in the renewed vivacious and exuberant spirit of Paris!

35 Roosevelt Dr
Edison, NJ 08837


This dining hall is a single room that works well for about forty to sixty patrons.

The kitchen is large, with service windows open to the dining area.

Behind the Dining hall is a wooden pavilion.

This site measures well against the checklist of the Kingdom Accessibility Porter. For additional concerns, please contact the Event Steward listed to the right.


The site is wet so you are welcome to bring the libation of your choice.  However the site has a strict policy that all alcoholic beverages be kept indoors.