Welcome to the Season of Love in Canton of Gryphonwald!

From Chaucer to Shakespeare, and everyone in between, Love has often been a source for poetry, literature, song and dance, and so we too will use it as our Muse.

Come join us for The Black Gryphon Inn as we drive the cold of winter away with warm food and companionship.  Not only will we serve up a delicious grecian Feast (inspired by our Bardic theme), but we will also be celebrating the traditions of love through our Period Dancing, Brewer’s competition, and Bardic Competition to award our Baronial Bardic Champion for the new year.  Returning from last year will be our “Works in Progress” A&S Competition.

• Music in the Inn.  Whether provided by the “Bard in the Box” or by live acts
• Period Dancing taught for all
• The Canton of Gryphonwald’s A&S Tournament
• A Brewers Competition
• The Bardic Competition for the new Barony Bardic Champion
• Feast

11am Troll opens
12pm A&S Competition Begins
2pm Dancing begins
2:30 Brewers Comp and judging for A&S
3:30 Bardic Comp
4:30 Court and Announcement of winners
5:00 Feast
7pm Site closes

Bardic Competition Guidelines:

This year’s competition will be “IT TAKES TWO.”  The competition will be broken into two rounds.  In each round, the competitors will perform a period or period-style piece, of no longer than 8 minutes before their excellencies and all good gentles in attendance.
But as with all good love stories, there is a twist…
We ask that the first piece be a work in progress, sticking to the Canton A&S theme of show us your work.  The piece can be something you are working on or a piece you have yet to polish.
Maybe a reading still on book, or a sonnet left incomplete; Don’t be afraid to wing it!
For your second piece, all we ask for is love…Romantic, Platonic, Familial, Unconditional, or Self-love.  We humbly request your piece contain, express, embody, or evoke any one of the five Classic Greek Loves.  Whether as a song, a sonnet, an epic tale, or a haiku we just want you to let good vibes of blind Cupid in.
We also ask you tell us how you feel this particular piece embodies the themes, encapsulated in only a single sentence.
We can’t wait to see what you all have accomplished!
Now crack those books, get to work on your entries, but don’t work too hard (as one is required to be unfinished.)

Brewing Competition Guidelines:
This year’s theme will be to brew a beverage that incorporates food & flavors associated with love or as an aphrodisiac within period.
An extra point will be given for beverages that represent the theme with documentation demonstrating period appropriateness.
In addition, the following items are required:
• Documentation demonstrating your process (i.e., specific gravity, rounds of racking, reasons for choices made, etc)
• An ingredient list with quantities.
We will utilize the East Kingdom Brewers Guild scoring rubric as a guide to score submissions

Site Opens: 11:00 AM
Site Closes: 7:00 PM

35 Roosevelt Dr
Edison, NJ 08837


This dining hall is a single room that works well for about forty to sixty patrons.

The kitchen is large, with service windows open to the dining area.

Behind the Dining hall is a wooden pavilion.

This site measures well against the checklist of the Kingdom Accessibility Porter. For additional concerns, please contact the Event Steward listed to the right.


The site is wet so you are welcome to bring the libation of your choice.  However the site has a strict policy that all alcoholic beverages be kept indoors.

1st Course

Pita: A flattened and baked bread consisting of water, yeast, sugar, flour, salt, and olive oil.  Perfect as is or used to scoop up several delicious offerings and a mainstay of any mezze. Yamas!

Feta cheese: A soft white cheese with no skin. Crumbly, tangy, slightly salty, and good with just about everything.

Fava:  A hummus-like dip made with yellow split peas or fava instead of chickpeas.  Eaten by the spoonful or with pita bread(recommended) this dip contains red onion, garlic, yellow split peas, lemon juice, olive oil, thyme, salt, and pepper.

Tzatziki:  A salted yogurt and cucumber dip that’s made of strained yogurt, shredded cucumber, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and herbs.

Skordalia:  Another delicious dip to add to our meze platter.  This one is a must-have being made of potatoes, garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and salt.

Melitzanosalata:  A simple, rustic Greek eggplant dip made with roasted, perfectly smoky eggplant with garlic, parsley, red onions, lemon juice, and olive oil. 

Olives: A variety of this tiny fruit will be on display to round out our meze platter.  Salty, briny, and slightly bitter this is a must-have at any Greek dinner table.


2nd Course

Spanakopita: A traditional Greek dish where spinach, feta, olive oil, and herbs are baked in a golden, crispy phyllo dough.  Contains eggs and onions as well.  A vegetarian option that is sure to please.

Keftedes: Also known as Greek meatballs are for people who love flavor! Ground beef and lamb with fresh mint, garlic, lemon, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, and more to create a well-seasoned meatball that is crispy on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside. The dish is finished with a light lemon sauce that is simply irresistible. Contains eggs and onions as well.

Imam Bayaldi:   A simple, delicious vegan dish, packed with so much flavor! An amazing combination of fresh aubergines(eggplant) stuffed with a juicy tomato-based filling, caramelized onions, and garlic with aromatic herbs and spices! The name is derived from an old folktale that an Imam smelled this dish as he was passing by and fainted from the succulent smell of it.  Maybe we can invite an Imam to come by and test the theory!


3rd Course

Revani cake: A wonderful example of siropiasta aka syrupy desserts popular in Grecian cuisine.  This cake is flavored with coconut and orange zest and topped with crushed pistachios.  The cake is then lovingly soaked in a syrupy concoction of sugar, water, and lemon. Contains flour, eggs, butter, sugar, and baking powder. 

Loukoumades: These Greek donuts are traditionally served soaked in hot honey, and sprinkled with cinnamon, and will leave you begging for more. Contains water, milk, yeast, flour, sugar, and salt for the batter.