This Wednesday, October 28th, we will be hosting our first baronial candidate meet and greet at 7 PM! This will precede our A&S Solar hosted by Elizabeth McMahon and will feature our candidate pair, Charis Accipter (Sandra L LaVigne) and Orlando Sforza (George LaVigne)!

The A&S Solar will continue after the Q&A session has ended. Link to the virtual hangout is in the “At a Glance” block. Please join us with any questions you have for our candidates and stay for arts, sciences and great company.

Join with Google Meet
Join by phone+1 805-946-0478 (PIN: 717299170)

About the candidates: Charis & Orlando have called the Swamp their home for the past 25 years. As baronial officers, they have worked over the decades in various capacities, with Charis as Exchequer and Seneschal, and Orlando as Herald and Fencing Marshal. The dedicated duo have also worked behind the scenes as autocrats and cooks, organizing fencing tournaments and scrumptious feasts on countless occasions.

Learn more about the candidate pair in our upcoming issue of the Mudpuppy coming soon, along with further information regarding polling.


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