As winter turns to spring, their Excellencies Orlando and Charis, Baron and Baroness of Settmour Swamp, invite all and sundry to join in celebration of the Thawing of the Mud!

In keeping with the flavor of our new site, our theme will be Viking-era Scandinavian. Has the ice cleared enough to safely travel the whale-roads? Is the mud thawed enough to plant barley? We hope so, because the site is largely outdoors! There is a heated hall, but fighting, court, and most activities will be outside, unless the weather is truly dire. We do encourage you to bring tents, pop-ups, and shelters – there is plenty of space, and we are allowed to stake into the ground. (No open fires are permitted.)

There will be no feast this year, but there will be a simple, hearty dayboard provided by Lawrence Vaughan (menu forthcoming).

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Mudthaw XLII