As winter turns to spring, their Excellencies Orlando and Charis, Baron and Baroness of Settmour Swamp, invite all and sundry to join in the celebration of the Thawing of the Mud!

The site is a heated indoor school with plenty of space for court, vendors, etc.  indoors.  Fighting and Archery will likely be outside but Fencing and possibly Archery may be moved indoors if inclement weather.  Please bring outdoor seating if you wish to watch the martial activities in comfort.

There will be no feast this year, and it has not yet been decided if there will be dayboard.  If so, it will be an additional fee and pre-paid.  This event will be updated when we know for sure.

* VERY TENTATIVE Schedule * (has not yet been approved by the Royals)

9am:  Gate opens
10am:  Morning Royal court
– Armored & Fencing tournaments begin
– A&S challenge opens:  Theme TBD
– Baron & Baroness judge the A&S entries (please stay with your entry during this time!)
– Gate closes
3:30pm:  all martial activities end
4pm:  Baronial court
5pm:  Royal court
6:30pm:  Coffee service ends
8:30pm:  Thank you for volunteering for clean-up!

* Martial Activities *
Armored:  Tournament format TBD – Fighting will be outdoors, likely on pavement

Rapier:  Tournament format and location TBD

Youth combat:  TBD – looking for a Youth Marshall, will update when one is acquired.  Likely to start around 11:30 am-12 noon if it can happen.

*A&S Display/Challenge:  Theme/Format TBD
12:00pm:  Please set up your display at the designated table(s).
2:30pm:  Our Baron & Baroness will choose the winner.  Please stay with your items at this time.

This is a dry site as it is located at a Public school.

Site Opens:  9:00 am
Site Closes:  9:00 pm

Site Opens: 9 am
Site Closes: 9 pm

This site has not yet been measured against the checklist of the Kingdom Accessibility Porter. For additional concerns, please contact the Event Steward listed to the right.