Your hosts ask of you: Please do not set up any tents until you have signed in at gate/troll, in order to avoid any confusion about the layout of the camping areas.


Across the world a lone voice cries; From the bustling markets of Sweden to the rocky coasts of Ireland, from the chilled plains of Greenland to the temperate grasslands of Iceland it yearns to know; “What happened last night?” Come join the Barony of Settmour Swamp as they retrace the drunken revelry of Leif Erikson.  Put your bravery, camaraderie, and iron stomachs on the line in an effort to recover both his equipment and his wits as you wander the infamous viking settlements across the world in The Quest for Wit and Wisdom:  A Funny thing Happened on the way to Valhallah.


QUEST is Settmour Swamp’s local camping event and includes competitions to determine the Barony’s champions for heavy weapons fighting, rapier combat, thrown weapons and archery.  There is also an Artisan’s row (live displays and hands-on demos), a brewing competition, a silent auction, a bardic circle, and of course the Quest.  It is a scavenger hunt and an obstacle course and a mystery to be solved all combined in an adventure!  Come and test your wit, courage and skill at a chance to win the Quest as well as wondrous prizes!

Baron Jonathan Miles and Baroness Teresa Ana Perez, welcome all to join in our weekend-long celebration.



201 Sidney Rd C
Pittstown, NJ 08867

This site measures well against the checklist of the Kingdom Accessibility Porter. For additional concerns, please contact the Event Steward listed to the right.

  • Pond:  There is a pond on site, this is not for swimming.
  • Pets are permitted, and must be kept on a leash at all times.  Certain areas will be off limits to pets.
  • Alcohol:  No alcoholic beverages may be brought on site.  There will be a site-run bar available, and open until 2:00am.  This policy will be strictly enforced by event staff. Anyone in violation of this policy will be removed from the site.
  • Details to follow


Merchants are welcome!

Please contact the for further information.


Children are most welcome, but please supervise your children at all times. Anyone under the age of eighteen must be accompanied to the event by a parent or legal guardian. The SCA youth waiver policy will be enforced.



For those of you who do not camp, there are two near-by hotels in Clinton, New Jersey.

Hampton Inn Clinton (near the Walmart)

16 Frontage Drive
Clinton, NJ 08809
TEL: +1-908-713-4800



111 West Main Street
Clinton, NJ 08809



A Walmart is approximately 3 miles from the site on Route 513.