Come one, come all!  Come learn!  Join the Incipient Canton of the the Crimson Hart at its first Schola.  Learn Calligraphy and Illumination, Medieval Dancing, what they ate during the Dark Ages, to make an early period shoe pattern (class limited to 5; class supplies $5), Nalbinding (class limited to 5), Sprang, plainchant, how to plan and cook a feast, dice gaming (and you thought you knew it all), to make garb, how to document your A & S project, what those fencers are really doing out there, etc.  A simple Day board will be provided.  We will also have a limited-seating feast.

For those wishing to teach a class please contact the Autocrat before April 15, 2002, with the class you would like to teach, any materials that are necessary and whether the sudent needs to bring them or the teacher will supply them and the cost of these materials, the maximum size of the class, the type of facilities you require, and anything additional you might need that I haven’t thought of.

Merchants welcome (for a fee of course).

Check the Event Website for the latest class list.

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