Locations: St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church

This site has not yet been measured against the checklist of the Kingdom Accessibility Porter.

  • Alcohol:  This site is a dry site; no drinking is allowed in or outside.
  • Smoking/Vaping: NO smoking permitted anywhere on church property in or outside.
  • Chairs & Furniture:  The chairs that are indoors must remain indoors and are not allowed outside (apart from what my staff and I have already placed for merchants and the MOL tables).If you have a chair that you like more than a folding chair, you are encouraged to bring it to sit on during court.
  • There is a drainage ditch near the parking lot. While it is safe to be in, there is a steep downwards incline with rocks at the bottom surrounding a big portion. Please be sure you and your children are aware of this in order to avoid any potential injury. If you want to go into the ravine, there is a sloping incline towards the back near the tree line.
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