Greetings from Alexander MacGregor, seneschal of the Barony of Settmour Swamp,
On June 22nd and 23rd, the Barony and Crimson Hart hosted the Past Times Renaissance Faire at Alba Vineyard. I wish to thank everyone who came out to help put this large demo together. Lady Rhiannon de Licorne, Kat, Dru, Berelinde, Guilford, and many, many more. I apologize that I do not have everyone’s name.

Coming up in the fall we will be having the Herbal & Apothecary Symposium, autocratted by Baroness Merlynia. This will be a day of activities, classes, and meetings, co-organized by the East Kingdom Herbalists’ & Apothecaries’ Guild. The date is October 12th; there will be no feast, but Baron Irik will prepare a dayboard (lunch).

I am still accepting candidates for the offices of Arts & Sciences, Mistress of Lists, and Knight Marshal. I have a few already, and I would like to see the selection made at the September business meeting. The few I have are for A&S and MoL. If you’re interested in becoming Knight Marshal, please let me know.

Yours in service