We’ve been hearing some people are having difficulty registering for events, particularly with the avenue of payment via paypal.   To clarify this process, when users fill out the registration form supplied by East Kingdom, a human steps in to generate an invoice, and a payment link is then sent via email to the address… Read More

  Canal Day is a fun community festival that for the past several years has given Settmour Swamp space to demonstrate who we are and what we do. It’s an excellent time to show off what we’ve learned and the skills we practice, but in order to effectively do so, someone needs to help coordinate… Read More

    Do you have experience with InDesign or Photoshop?  Do you doodle occasionally, or work as a graphic designer? The office of Baronial Chronicler is looking for help with layout and design for our beloved newsletter, the Mudpuppy. If volunteering for this project interests you, please check out the Chronicler page to find further… Read More

    It’s fairly safe to say that much of our Barony is itching to return to public gatherings and reconnect with lost friends.  Settmour Swamp wants an event. But to do this, we need to start planning, and we need the help of volunteers, including an Event Steward and someone to plan the Quest… Read More