Believe it or not, the annual thawing of the mud is right around the corner!   If you are interested in volunteering for Event Steward for Mudthaw 2022, please send a message to our seneschal, or attend our next baronial meeting.… Read More

The current term for the baronial office of the Seneschal is ending. If volunteering for this office interests you, please check out the “Relevant Links” section of the Seneschal’s Page to find further information about how this job is performed, and join our next month’s business meeting to be held virtually.… Read More

We’ve been hearing some people are having difficulty registering for events, particularly with the avenue of payment via paypal.   To clarify this process, when users fill out the registration form supplied by East Kingdom, a human steps in to generate an invoice, and a payment link is then sent via email to the address… Read More

  Canal Day is a fun community festival that for the past several years has given Settmour Swamp space to demonstrate who we are and what we do. It’s an excellent time to show off what we’ve learned and the skills we practice, but in order to effectively do so, someone needs to help coordinate… Read More