There are twenty-four days remaining until the Thawing of the Mud, and with this time honored event comes the first baronial court of the season.   Do you know a gentle who toils endlessly in service to the barony? A friend who never fails to inspire you with their art? Or perhaps a respected… Read More

You may have noticed that the signature event of the Canton of Gryphonwald is not currently listed, neither here nor on the East Kingdom event calendar. The canton is dealing with an unforeseen scheduling conflict, and is actively working towards a solution.   We are confident we can bring something together and see all of you… Read More

  Please be advised: It would appear the Mudthaw announcement in the Pikestaff has a date related typo in the inside, but is correct on the back summary. The correct information can also be found on this website, the EK Events Calendar, and Facebook.   See you soon!… Read More