In light of the recent announcements by the CDC and surrounding state governments concerning Covid-19, the Canton of Gryphonwald has decided to postpone their signature event.   The new date for Black Gryphon Inn is October 3rd, 2020.  All previously submitted registrations for April 25th will be rolled over to this new date.  If,… Read More

  The Following is a Message from Her Majesty Good morning, my beloved East, With a heavy heart, We bring the sad tidings that Mudthaw has been canceled. This decision was not made lightly, but protecting the Eastern Populace is Our first priority. We are truly sorry to miss the opportunity to see and recognize… Read More

  Quest, our Memorial Day weekend camping event, is an excellent time for a feast.  We get to use the venue’s new outdoor kitchen to cook for about a hundred people, and bring the whole of the event together at the dinner table.   But due to unforeseen circumstances, the person previously accepted for the… Read More

  The Barony of Settmour Swamp is looking for an Event Steward for the fifth annual Ducal Challenge, to be held in September. If you have interest in running this event, the Event Planning Worksheet in this collection of documents will help you put together an event bid proposal. All bids are presented, discussed, and… Read More