While it may seem far off now, Mudthaw is but six months away. Time to start planning. If you have interest in Autocratting, Feastocratting or helping out in any other way, please contact our Seneschal as soon as possible. Bids for the big jobs can be submitted for the September Officers’ Meeting.… Read More

The Barony of Settmour Swamp is seeking a new Seneschal. If volunteering for this office interests you, please check out the “Relevant Links” section of the Seneschal’s Page to find further information about how this job is performed, and come to the next month’s baronial meeting.… Read More

  A hearty vivant to these fine tower recipients, who were called into baronial court on War Thursday of Pennsic: Order of the Bronze Tower Dyrfinna Hildibrandsdottir Markus Farmaðr Emeline la Chauciere Phelippe le Vigneron Order of the Iron Tower Eowulf the Innocent Order of the Silver Tower Dalek Bolotnikov… Read More