It’s fairly safe to say that much of our Barony is itching to return to public gatherings and reconnect with lost friends.  Settmour Swamp wants an event. But to do this, we need to start planning, and we need the help of volunteers, including an Event Steward and someone to plan the Quest… Read More

   The end of the current term for the baronial office of the Chamberlain is fast approaching. If volunteering for this office interests you, please check out the “Relevant Links” section of the Chamberlain’s Page to find further information about how this job is performed, and come to the next month’s baronial meeting.      … Read More

We are happy to announce that the baronial polling period is open now through January 8, 2021. Each paid member will receive a letter in a separate individual envelope so be on the lookout! Every envelope have a sticker on the back with the baronial heraldry for easy identification. The envelope contains: (i) the polling… Read More

The current terms for the baronial offices of the Herald and Knight Marshal are ending. If volunteering for either of these offices interests you, please check out the “Relevant Links” section of the Herald’s Page and Knight Marshal’s Page to find further information about how these jobs are performed, and join our next month’s business… Read More