This website has a new index —Curated Works— meant to boast the extraordinary talents of the denizens of Settmour Swamp. We’re looking for works of yours that might fit into a variety of categories: Fantastic Period Recipes Bardic performances, songs, poems, or stories Paintings, illumination, or art in other mediums Research into the particulars… Read More

The end of the current term for the baronial office of the Chamberlain is April. If volunteering for this office interests you, please check out the “Relevant Links” section of the Chamberlain’s Page to find further information about how this job is performed, and come to the next month’s baronial meeting.… Read More

  Both the Canton of Gryphonwald and the Barony of Settmour Swamp now host Google Groups to replace the Yahoo Group accounts held since the early 2000’s.  Join the conversations by clicking the links below (or checking the resources section of the baronial website):  … Read More