The baronial office of the Sinking Tower Pursivant is currently open.

If volunteering for this office interests you, please check out the “Relevant Links” section of the Herald’s Page to find further information about how this job is performed, and come Chat with the Seneschal.

What is a herald?

Heralds in the Society for Creative Anachronism have many jobs. We are fondly called book heralds, helping to research period naming and armorial practices for the registration of names and armory for the populace. We are voice heralds, calling announcements, proclaiming who is fighting upon the field, and acting as the voice of nobility in court. We are protocol heralds, recording awards and honors bestowed, drafting ceremonies, and determining precedence and other period legal niceties in all sorts of situations. We also work closely with our good friends in the College of Scribes, whose art and artistry with pen and brush make what we do beautiful. Anyone can be a herald. You can be a herald!