The herald is the voice of the barony, and is the default speaker of announcements to the populace. The herald is also an officer charged with assisting members with developing a medieval persona by choosing names and devices.

Current Officer(s)
Officer Start End
Alexander MacGregor 2018-11-14 2023-01-11
Officer Start End
Berelindis filia Cunowulfi 2018-02-21 2018-11-14
Alys Mackyntoich 2004-07-01 2008-11-01
Ceara MacKieran of Arundel 1996-11-20 1998-02-23
Gaius Marcellus Liberius Auklandus 1998-12-05 1999-04-27
Migel Gneuyle de Normandie 1999-10-12 2001-08-13
Guildford of Montrose 2001-10-29 2002-06-09
Ceara MacKieran of Arundel 2015-11-11 2018-02-21