An Announcement from Baron Jonathan Miles

Quest Information and some words:

When I became the Chancellor(hauler of stuff) Teresa and I learned what it takes to put on a Mudthaw, even more so when I became Baron. Mudthaw is a hard event to run, its frenetic, there are a million things that have to be on time and little margin for error.

Mudthaw comes with a huge reward, a sense of real accomplishment descends on you like a warm blanket when its over. This contrasts the GO GO GO atmosphere of the actual event. Events are odd like that, some reward you during, some after and for different reasons.

Quest is one of those events that rewards you during the running. Its more relaxed because its 3 days long. Lazy hot afternoons with a full belly. Time to sit around and play a board game. All the activities, too many to do all of them, so you choose and savor. Its intimate. People make friends at Quest. Children frolic at Quest. People fall in love at Quest.

It hurts me to tell you that Quest is canceled this year for the same reasons as Mudthaw. Smart reasons that will keep people safe. We LOVE spending Quest with you guys and we will miss it this year in a profound way. Quest is my favorite event. Quest defines Settmour, it shows how we excel in everything we do even when we chose to do nothing at all.

Keep yours close and safe, keep the dream alive in your mind’s eye, and make plans for how we will celebrate when it is safe to do so. We love you all, we miss you all, and we will see you again soon.

Paypal Registration Refunds

Rules dictate that refunds will come from the Barony of Settmour Swamp rather than through PayPal. Please send an email to the baronial exchequer: