Here’s a health first to Cuthbad
Druid par excellence
He loves his usquaebach
All it takes is one glance

Let us drink next to Dylan
He’s second to one
He needs ‘least a barrel
To have any fun

Let us drink next to Calum
Pass his horn ’round the ring
If he tips it enough
Perhaps he will sing

Drink next to Merlynia
Her mead is the worst
But if you don’t drink it
With stout you’ll be cursed

Let’s drink to Oliviandre
Too long for one line
She opens her mouth up
And pours in some wine

Drink next to old Serric
Ol’ Serric der Grimm
We’re a Celtic household
How did he get in?

Drink the health next to Andros
And the stars on his hat
Fill it up with bourbon
And let him drink that!


Let him drink and be merry, all grief to refrain,
For we may and might never all meet here again.


This song, clearly a take on A Health to the Company, highlights friends often seen around the fire.

The verses descend through the members of Clan na Bheithir in order of seniority.

This is only the first few stanzas. Bheithir tradition holds that each clanmate gets a mention, but not all the old stanzas are accounted for, nor do all current clanmates have one. So this can and/or has the potential to monopolize a firepit.

This page will be updated as more verses are unearthed in archeological digs, remembered by a thousand spirits whispering in the wind, and/or freshly minted, the ink still hot from feverish scribbling.

I know another verse!