Favored by fortune is Settmour Swamp.
Swift-running horses graze on the wide fields,
Fields amber-bright with grain in the sun,
The sun, gold as honey that yields up sweet mead,
Mead fills our goblets, to honor this day.
Day of rejoicing, day of remembering,
Remembering those who led us of old.

Old folk and young, truly I tell you,
Tell you of nobles, worthy and wise.
Wise was the King, Siegfried the mighty,
Mighty in battle and cunning in peace.
Peace made us prosper, and Settmour grew larger,
Larger than lands that are ruled as a shire.
“Shire be no longer,” said Siegfried the worthy,
“Worthy are you of a barony’s name”.
Named as our baroness, Magda z Stalburg,
Magda z Stalburg, drink to her praise
Praise was her due, that excellent lady,
Lady who toiled for the welfare of all,
All mourned her leaving, when southward she wandered,
Wandered to dwell in Atlantian lands.

Lands here in Settmour did not lack for guidance,
Guidance was granted by Aelfwine the King,
King of the Eastrealm gave us a baroness,
Baroness Ursula, drink to her praise
Praise her with poems, and praise her with music,
Music so joyous it stirs feet to dance,
Dance is her art and dance is her glory,
Glory she shares with whoever will learn.

Learn how she asked another to aid her,
Aid her to rule the Barony well,
Well was the day that she sought out the Red Bear,
Bear of the Norsemen, drink to his praise
Praise to Erik, lord of the kitchen,
Lord of the kitchen, and warrior brave,
Brave in the battle, merry at feasting,
Feasting to celebrate cold winter’s end.
End came at last to Ursula’s service,
Service well rendered to Settmour and King.
The King took her burden, but left her the honor,
Honor she earned through diligent years.

Years turned round on fiery wheels,
Wheels of the chariot bearing the sun,
The sun shone brightly on Erik the Red Bear,
Erik the Baron who now ruled alone.
Alone, one can stand, but two are much stronger,
Stronger and wiser to govern and guide,
Guided by fortune was Erik the Red Bear,
The Red Bear who found support close to his side.
Side by side he ruled with Merlynia,
Merlynia the Baroness, drink to her praise
Praise her wisdom in learning the old ways,
The old ways she mastered, and made them her own,
Her own knowledge she shared freely,
Freely to all, in lands near and far.
Far-off kingdoms heard of her word-fame,
Fame that spread to the known world’s end.

End must come to all things earthly,
Earthly treasures crumble away,
Away into dust, but fame is long-lasting,
Lasting as long as men speak your name.
Name them with honor, Erik and Merlynia,
Merlynia and Erik, drink to their praise
Praise their years of work and devotion,
Devotion to Settmour, the gem of the East.

Eastrealm’s lord to the Swamp-folk sent tidings,
Tidings were sent by Lucan the King.
King of the Eastrealm ended our waiting,
Waiting to learn who would govern our land.
Land and people, see them before you
Before you Teric and Paigan now stand.
Stand and salute them, raise up up your goblets,
Raise up your goblets and drink to their praise.
Praise them loudly, with voices resounding,
Resounding like thunder among the high hills.
Hills and valleys, I call you to witness,
Witness my words, forests and fields,
Fields and marshes, heed my verses,
Favored by fortune is Settmour Swamp.