The name of our barony comes from the original two counties covered by the group: Somerset and Morris. The area in focus is home to New Jersey’s Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

It all began back in 1979 (Anno Societatis 14), when a lady named Magda z Stalburg wanted to hold an SCA event. She met Ursula of North Woods quite by accident, and in August the incipient Shire of Settmour Swamp held its first meeting. Magda suddenly had lots of help for her event: the Coronation of Vissevald and Embla in October. The event was a smashing success for the fledgling group.

Settmour became an official shire in January of 1980, and the famous “sinking tower” device was submitted the next month. In March, the first Mudthaw was held. Various members built sundials, pavilions and musical instruments, brewed mead, gave workshops on needlework, star-gazing, and leatherwork; fighters held regular practices, members traveled to nearby events and even to the Pennsic War.

In Settmour’s second year, the group of Pavonia (later to become the Canton of Gryphonwald) was organized at Rutgers University. Settmour hosted Siegfried and Wanda’s first Coronation in April of 1981, and at that event, Their Majesties accepted the group’s petition to be elevated to a Barony, and invested Magda as the first Baroness.

Baroness Magda moved southwards in November, and Ursula was invested as the next Baroness at the Bellringers’ event, held in January of 1982 in the (then) Shire of Carillion.

Unbelievable as it may seem, I have been Baroness for an entire year and thought I would like to tell you how this all began and rehash the adventures of the past year. Let’s see, where to begin…


Around May of AS 14 (1979), I had aimlessly wandered away from the Middle kingdom and into the desolate area of northern New Jersey. As far as the eye could see, no SCA was to be found until through a bizarre chance, I found Magda, then Lady Magda z Stalburg. My office-mate at work had gone into the hospital for some minor surgery. As she awoke from the sedative, she heard someone talking about knights and swords and feasts. “Are you in the SCA?”, my roommate asked. “How do you know about that?”, asked Magda. “Well there’s this crazy lady at work that talks about nothing else”…

In a dizzying whirlwind of activity, the first meeting was held on August 6. I was volunteered as Seneschale and the incipient Shire of Settmour Swamp was named. Frieden was chosen as our Knight Marshal (he was our only active qualified fighter). Lots of die-hard Swampies were at that first meeting, Sigmundr, Elysende, Aeginold, Cassandra (now Aleksondra), Gershom, Tamar (from Carillion), as well as a few who have moved or wandered away-like Tomas, Tomar (now Rory), Burton Sarnoff, Darrell (now Stephan), and Bojzena. Now this was all just a clever way for Maggy to get lots of help for the little event she was planning, namely the CORONATION of Vissevald and Embla, scheduled for a mere two months away in October…

The MUDPUPPY also got its start right away with me at the typewriter. Of course, it wasn’t called the Mudpuppy until we’d named it several months later but our newsletter had been born (Such as it was, you should see some of those early editions. Hand written no less!)

Anyway, the site originally chosen for Coronation had canceled. At the second swamp meeting Hrymgnar appeared, and a large fire hall near his was suggested and eagerly accepted. We were really saved by the skin of our teeth. There wasn’t even time to get an ad into the Pikestaff and a mailing had to be sent to all the East Kingdom Seneschals.

Coronation was a smashing success EXCEPT there was no entertainment (my pet peeve). But as Aidan left the throne a cry of “FREE FREE AT LAST” resounded through the hall (that fire hall had an echo). Maggy cooked one of her splendid feasts and the Swamp’s reputation for good food was begun. Coronation was also the first appearance of the Carolingian traveling team. Johan had rented a bus to transport 40 Carolingians (Visevald’s home turf); half crashed in my (then) small apartment and half at Frieden and Aleksondra’s. Mercifully, they were able to crash at the fire-hall Saturday night. Elysende got her first taste of power as she took reservations and stood firm against Dukes and Laurels. “No money, no ticket”, she cried. This event has also been noted for the exploding bottles of left over mead. Frieden still found pieces of glass when he moved nearly four years later!

We had regular monthly meetings then and started the tradition of pot-luck suppers and all-day “STOMPS” with a business meeting thrown in for looks. Maggy and I traded off hosting them (can you believe it? at one time the entire Swamp fit comfortably in my little apartment.) By the third Meeting we got a pretty full slate of officers, Magda was our Mistress of Arts, Elysende our Exchequers, Hrymgnar our Captain of Archers, and Aleksondra our Pursuivant. Gershom even tried to beat some medieval Astronomy into our heads.


In January we actually become an official Shire and Frieden was warranted as a real live Knight Marshal (the only one in the entire Central Region!) By February, Rory had designed our sinking castle device and Aleksondra had submitted it (all in the same month. Fast work if you’ve ever tried to get a device submitted). Elysende wrote her article on currency and Philip constructed his first dulcimer (and played for us at the MUDTHAW).

Two spinoff groups formed at about the same time. Sigmundr formed the ill-fated (and well-named) Blasted Heath and Gershom organized a tiny group at Princeton. Of these fledgling groups only the Swamp survived.

Also about this time, I first laid eyes on Aelfric (scrawny little thing that he was then), who could “talk your ears off worse than Rory if you can believe it”.

Elysende took the plunge and volunteered to autocrat our first real all Swamp event in March, the MUDTHAW (what else?). This time we used the Manville Fire Hall which had wood walls and a great sound system. Determined to have entertainment, we planned a dance contest and a magicians’ contest (a WIZ-OFF!) with cloaks as prizes for the winners. Steven Gray did up a great cartoon for our Pikestaff ad and then we waited………would anybody come??????

Silly question, I have pictures to prove people were there (Gavin (the King) and Andreas de Vulpes to name a few, for those who remember THAT MESS). Rory won acclaim as the winning magician. Sigmundr and Ushi (now Norr) got their first taste of Swamp clean-up, aided by Gershom who was up to his ears in dish soap washing pots. Frieden ran his first Tourney, and I arranged crash space.

Outshining five other dancers, Magda (yes, Magda!) was spectacular as she excited the crowd to a shouting, clapping roar. .Strykar was positively foaming at the mouth as she swirled by. Aleksondra was acclaimed the best of the novice dancers. And the food! The spiked fruit salad and Frieden’s Baklava were absolutely sinful. Only one thing was wrong…the damn MUD refused to thaw!

Also around March, Gwenyth arrived on the scene and was thoroughly terrorized by the raging attentions of the Swamp Mashers at her first Stomp at Frieden and Aleksondra’s. She must have liked it …she’s still around. Gwen wrote lots of letters so the first time I laid eyes on her, I dropped the chroniclership in her lap, and the Mudpuppy became a real work of art with poetry and recipes (and me screaming about deadlines and calendars.) Gwen started right in making the Swamp banner (the big one we still use) and lots of gold key and (of course) GWEN dresses.

The Swamp had started traveling a lot together. We caravaned to the Carolingia May Games included Hrymgnar’s half-dead van which broke down at least twice in each direction, and I got my great reputation for giving directions. At the May Games, they had a maypole and a “Green Man”, whose kiss insured fertility. The Swamp ladies got their revenge by tying the Green Man to the Maypole! Swampies went to Gavin’s Coronation and presented a gift of liquid fire. But most often, we traveled to Bhakail events. That January we traveled to Bhakail’s Twelfth Night which was huge (again no entertainnent (sigh)). Sigmundr saved Rory’s neck by driving back to N.J. to retrieve some keys and then driving all the way back to Bhakail to rescue Rory’s stranded car. That summer, I started carting Darrell and Aelfric (the Boggies) around to events. It was on the way back from that wonderful Peace that we wrote “Swamp Fools”. Frieden received his award of arms at Bishop Geoffrey’s Melee Tourney from King Gavin. Eligor, Damien and the Rutgers crew appeared about this time and twenty-two swampies absoulutely SWAMPED the Ceildhi that year. Frieden organized our first camping event at Tinicum park (where Airelle, Ellwyn, and Bronwyn first showed up, and Gershom gave a night-sky appreciation talk). We gave our first demo at Packard’s flea market (and then cooled off in Airelle’s marvelous swimming pool).

I absolutely must say more about Peace that year. This has got to be my all time favorite event. It was boiling hot and the fighters had been at it all day. The chiurgeons were really worried about heat stroke and had lots of ice on hand. Finally at 7 pm they opened the pool and 75 heat- crazed SCA-bums charged the Pool in shifts and bathing suits. I think it started by doing a hole-in-the-wall in the water (just try doing a hole-in-the-wall in deep water) and then the AMOEBA grew…It was incredible all these stuffy SCA-types linking arms and bouncing up and down and surrounding some hapless victim, all the while giving out a deep, resounding “AMOEBA! AMOEBA! AMOEBA!” Then we all charged out of the water and got into fancy court garb. I don’t know, maybe it was the wine, but that hall resounded with good vibes. Everyone was happy and out to KILL the Middle Kingdom. Then Donald the Sea Sailor, who is tall, blond and lean, got up and started singing a WAR chant. The hall positively reverberated to the sound of “We Will, We Will KNOCK YOU! WE Will, We Will KNOCK YOU!” Absolutely incredible vibes. That event was also the first taste we had of Gershom’s “Cosmic Debris Chili”, of Boggy Stacking, and of playing “Kill the Boggies” with shinai swords, as well as seeing Hrymgnar (Hrymseekens) as a full-fledged merchant. This was the first event where I really felt at home in the Eastern Kingdom.

Culture started creeping in. Aeginold made his first sundial, I made our first pavilion, Frieden brewed his first batch of “Haus Von Modoc” mead, Aelfric drew gorgeous mastheads for the Mudpuppy and Elysende’s article on Currency in the Middle Ages was accepted for Tournaments Illuminated. The fighters weren’t dozing in a corner all this while. Hrymgnar had qualified in May and Berudta in July. Frieden had written an article on how to construct a sword and fight practice was held pretty regularly at a park near Elysende’s (where Gwen first dragged a very reluctant Berudta). That summer, Swamp fighters had even won their first big victory by defeating Dragonship Haven in a two out of three melee at the Ceilidh in Bhakail.

Well, with all this splendor we had to start showing it off. So, once again Elysende (who had also become the Swamp’s “temporary” Mistress of Lists) braved the trials of autocrating and the first Amber Kirn was planned. It was to be held that November, in the glorious graduate hall of Princeton U. Gershom (who had been dubbed a full-blood Swampie) begged pleaded and sold his soul to get that site, while Maggy cooked, I ran entertainment, and Frieden ran the tourney on a field one could only reach by driving. The Swamp players made their first appearance with the HOT IRON. We were all type-cast with Elysende the shrewish wife, Rory the loud-mouth husband and me the hoary old grandmother…naturally we got rave reviews. And the hall,oh the hall was glorious, stained glass windows, cathedral ceilings, block stone walls and a real fireplace with real wood and real (choke, koff, hack) smoke. Aeginold wrote this great poem that begins: “Listen my children and you shall learn, of the wondrous madness of Amber-Kirn”.

August rolled around and we were one year old. We’d incorporated Hunterdon county (in addition to Morris and Somerset) and GEEZ we’d grown. Aeginold had been named our Master of Sciences and Phil had won first place in Instrument construction and performance at the Ice Dragon Pentathalon. Elysende had become the Central Region Mistress of Lists and Magda was the Central Region Seneschal.

The first Anniversary was at Magda’s. We played Princum Prankum and Clench-a-wench (haven’t done THAT in a while. Gwen produced her first gingerbread subtlety, a sinking Dragonship to commemorate our fighter’s victory. Heinrich made his first appearance (as Thonqor) and Algernon demonstrated his skill in kissing (yum!). We celebrated surviving our first year by starting to talk about “going Barony”. It still seemed a joke at that time, we were so young and goofy.

At the war that year we camped with Magda’s household (I don’t think they were quite ready for a loose and unstuffy group like the Swamp). In the battles, Freiden, Berudta, Hrymgnar and Gershom downed a host of Middlers and I got three-out-of-three kills in archery. Siegfried was knighted at that war and stood vigil during the night. Aeginold and Aleksondra won red ribbons in the Arts competition. In court, Magda was honored with the Silver Crescent, the Eastern Kingdom service award.With 2,000 people at that war many Swampies got their first exposure to the incredible diversity within the SCA as well as the sheer magic. The term, “Gliss-out” was coined to describe the incredible job of seeing a field covered with banner topped pavilions.

That year (1980) was the first Oriental Feast in Bhakail. We ate at low tables ‘and everyone wore Kimonos. One Lady wore 17 kimonos to exhibit her wealth, and Frieden wore this great red satin thing. Ushi and Strykar sumo wrestled in the courtyard, in these little loin cloths (really a sight to behold). At the feast, Elysende and Bojzena were presented with their awards of arms from King Gavin and Queen Tamera. I won best costume, at least partly due to this black Geisha wig I borrowed, nobody recognized me with black hair…

GriffonWald was organized at the start of that school year and joined the Swamp as our first canton. Eligor was Seneschale and the group included Kenneth (Exchequer), Beatrice, Emrys, Brighit, and Larry Bruskin (remember all the great stomps we used to have at Larry’s? You couldn’t believe this house, it was like a mansion. It had to have twenty rooms, all gorgeous. Andrea (who had just come from the Western Kingdom) organized regular fighting practices at Rutgers and they got a budget for Armour (wow a budget! those were the days)…

The Amber Kirn was November of that year (1980), we helped Carillion with a demo in Atlantic City at the “Camelot” ground-breaking ceremony (and were paid $100 for our efforts!). Aeginold made his carved marble sundial (which later took 1st place at the Arts Pentathalon in Rhydderich Hail) and Aleksondra published an article in Pikestaff on calligraphy. In December, Ellwyn hosted an impromptu Stomp and she and Arielle and Bronwyn prepared hot cider and sausages over an open fire. There were workshops on needlework, sundials, and leatherworking.


Insanity struck again as Elysende offered to autocrat Siegfried’s first Coronation (we had a meeting the Monday night before Coronation lovingly dubbed “Elysende’s Nervous Breakdown”). Magda prepared the feast and I ran the entertainment. Kestrel, Eligor, Magnus, Katrine and I had rehearsed Andrea’s play, “After the Dragon”, but the crowd was really rowdy. Both Gwen and Argyle made subtlies. Wow! What a turnout! We had a site for 400 and had to turn people away (MAD!), with poor Beatrice manning the reservation table.

Gwen got her award of arms…TWICE, once from Gavin and once from Siegfried! Gershom received his award of arms from Siegfried. Then, Siegfried called forward the Shire of Settmour Swamp, Magda and I walked forward side-by-side and Swampies literally poured into the aisles behind us and filled all the space behind. The speech I’d written that afternoon asking for the boon of becoming a Barony was read (William Widefarer said a relay team of heralds should have read that speech). We left that Court a Barony and Magda was crowned our first Baroness. Poor Heinrich had tried his best to make a coronet for her but the stone fell out and it was about 5 inches in diameter (nice try, it was still better than NO coronet!).The whole event was so wonderful because all the Swampies worked so hard. Kenneth, Arielle (who had flown hack from Georgia to attend), Bronwyn, Heinrich, Sigmundr, Rory, Frieden (not to mention Elysende) worked all day and well into the night. To acknowledge this great event, Magda, Elysende and I later received the order of the Burdened Tiger from Siegfried.

It was a rowdy crowd and got very boisterous after Aleksondra’s dancing. The Tuchux, who had come at the special invitation of Siegfried, literally camped on furs in a corner of the hall and ate their own food. They were a strange sight amongst the court finery. Jubal came forward to lead the best entertainment of the night. To the pounding beat of the dance music, the Tuchux introduced dagger fighting and everyone loved it. It was really bizarre to see all these people in elaborate court garb, screaming and cheering on the fur clad barbarians. Elysende and I muscled our way in and fought each other. I won, then she won, then I won and then nearly fainted when a Tuchux wench challenged me, dagger in hand…

At the June Stomp at Lydia’s, Elysende was named assistant Seneschale and Lydia took on the responsibility of Exchequer. Now, Exchequer is a totally invisible job if its done right and Lydia made it absolutely disappear. Berudta began organizing fighting practices which were moved around a lot but were often at Lydia and Asdrubal’s.

At the Peace that year, it RAINED AND RAINED. Poor Gwen had set Up camp beside our cabin and she was flooded time and again. At Bishop Geoffrey’s Melee Tourney we spent time at Sparrow Hawk’s (a Tuchuk) encampment drinking bottle after bottle of wine and pouncing on stray males 2 and 3 ladies at a time. Corwin was amazed and frustrated as XXXX…Somehow, a late night QUEST was begun to find Berudta (who no doubt preferred to be lost). This was also the first time dagger fighting really caught on and there was semi-organized melee for non-fighters with bamboo shinai swords.

This was also the summer of the first camping events at Cheesequake Park which Eligor organized for us by reserving camping space for fake groups. Also Ellwyn had hosted the first Baronial Championship Tourney that Spring and Berudta won glory for himself and the right to defend and protect our Baroness. Merlynia had become our Mistress of Arts and she and Eric designed and built a brightly colored Viking A-frame tent. Also at Ellwyn’s, Berudta offered himself as an object d’ art for Merlynia to demonstrate the application of bright blue woad (it must have been interesting going to work that Monday). I think it was also this Stomp that we decided the Swamp cheer should be “Let them eat MUD” and that our Baroness should be addressed as “Her Mudship”.

Siegfried was WAR King that year (1981) and Magda was a lady in waiting to Queen Wanda so she camped “on the hill” and the Swamp made its first really independent and impressive showing that year. Lydia and Merlynia had come to Siegfried’s Coronation and right away they started bustling about the Swamp. Lydia had organized our clothier’s Guild with meetings at her house every other week. The Guild’s first project was tabards for the Swamp fighters. (I still have one tabard anybody know where the others are?). So, the Swamp fighters, Berudta, Connieoch, Gershom, Frieden, Thalien all wore our colors and made a grand showing. We had a large encampment with some twenty Swamp tents. Aeginold and Gershom had organized the Astronomy Guild which entered a 16th century brass sextant in the War Arts Pentathalon. Gwen acted as camp mommy and Gershom and Arielle washed enough dishes to fill the Swamp (which is why we now try to use non-period paper plates). Speaking of Arielle, now there’sdedication. How many people come home from college to go to a Swamp event? Berudta was in Siegfried’s household and had to stand guard in the royal encampment (bummer). The Tuchux remembered us and a few came by to visit see what we’d learned of dagger fighting. Tsnao attached himself to our camp (we have a reputation for good food and company and every war we pick up a few strays). Many Swampies delighted in the cool water of a late night swim. Siegfried led the East to its first victory and Bishop Geoffrey singlehandedly stopped the rain by offering to remain celibate for an entire month (a most difficult task for a 14th century Bishop). Phil won a blue ribbon with a performance on his dulcimer and Gwenyth received the Queen’s Cypher, via a messenger from Andrea, who had become Queen of the West (and was soon to be Knighted).

Our first event at Schooley’s Mountain was also the first Peasant feast, in September. Gwen got her first taste of autocrating and cooking at the same time. Frieden set up his forge and demonstrated blacksmithing all day. Merlynia and Lydia ran entertainment. Merlynia was totally incredible in her crown of oak leaves as she ran the King of Fools contest which was admirably won by Ian of Clan Mitchel. Lydia, Eric and she ran games all day for the non-fighters. Kestral, Eligor, Magnus, Katrine and I performed Andrea’s play, “After the Dragon”. Berudta (who had become our assistant Knight Marshal) ran the tournament assisted by Bronwyn (who had become Mistress of Lists). I mostly remember how crowded it was. Our events had become too popular…

I have to Mention the Oriental Feast at which Merlynia wore her “big bird” suit. It was this incredible bright yellow cape of feathers which she broadly declared was Medieval. Polynesian, but Medieval.

Amber Kirn, that November, rates number two on my top ten list of favorite events. The Tuchux, Deathshadow had come to visit and added a touch of mystery to the event and had apparently challenged Berudta for the right to carry Elysende off in chains. Oberon had become our master of music and set the mood with his sound system. At court, Baroness Magda presided over the marriage of Emrys and Brighid and Deathshadow presented our Baroness with a gift from Wolf, the leader of the Tuchux. We danced for the Tuchux’ pleasure and then got everyone up on the floor dancing the Maltese variation that we’d learned earlier that year from Knut when he visited from California. I remember Aidan exclaiming how wonderful she felt. Mood, vibes, for me, its everything…

Well that about brings us up to 1982, gee and this was going to be a short introduction to the main body of the story. I’ve left lots of stuff but then I can’t be expected to remember everything. As soon as I get around to it, I’ll continue with the on-going saga.

On August 6, 1989, the SWAMP will be TEN YEARS OLD!!!

My first history of the Swamp, covering August 1979 – early 1982, started “Unbelievable as it may seem, I have been Baroness for an entire year and thought I would like to tell you how this all began….”

Well, unbelievable as it may seem, I stepped down as Baroness of Settmour Swamp nearly three years ago and thought I would like to tell you how the Swamp survived any number of potentially fatal threats and prospered despite internal strife and power struggles, conflicts with the mundane world, and battles over what the Swamp (and the SCA) “should” be.

If anyone would like to write up a history of a favorite event or details of how a household was organized or even juicy gossip on some of the really nasty “hissy-fits” thrown by past officers I’ll include them in the compiled Swamp history. [Send them to and they will be forwarded to Ursula.]

I thought I’d start with a brief overview of important events in Swamp history and then let you read that first history written over 6 years ago. I plan to pick up the tale in early 1982 where the first history left off and continue THE HISTORY OF THE BARONY OF SETTMOUR SWAMP….

(Note: The following is a bare bones outline of key events in Swamp history. I tried to capture “firsts” i.e. when things started; how and why things happened are elaborated upon in the history itself. If any Baronial awards were missed, please send a correction!!!)

August 6 1979 First meeting of what would become Settmour Swamp: Aleksondra, Sigmundr Ulvr, Ursula, Aeginold, Frieden, Magda, Elysende & Gershom among those at the first meeting;
Ursula becomes first Seneschale
August 1979 Ursula chronicles 1st issue of newsletter (Mudpuppy)
August 1979 Pennsic – tiny SWAMP camps at the crossroads (still do 2/89)
October 6 1979 The Incipient Shire of Settmour Swamp hosts the Coronation of Visevald & Embla (Eva)
November 1979 Frieden becomes first Knight Marshal; Magda becomes first Mistress of Arts; Newsletter named “The Mudpuppy”
December 1979 Hrymgnar becomes first Captain of Archers; Elysende becomes first Mistress of Lists
January 1980 The SHIRE of Settmour Swamp officially invested
March 1 1980 First MUDTHAW ( WIZ-OFF magician’s contest )
April 1980 Gwenyth makes the Swamp’s large leaning tower banner
Spring 1980 Aeginold become first Master of Sciences
June 1980 Gwenyth becomes 2nd Chronicler
August 1980 Pennsic again
September 1980 First meeting of Incipient Canton of Pavonia (Gryphonwald): Coinneach, Emrys, Brighid, Eligor, and Beatrice among those present; Emrys chosen acting Seneschal
October 1980 Aleksondra calligraphed our petition for status of Barony;
Ursula writes documentation for advancement to Barony
October 1980 Swampies help Carillion with Camelot demo in Atlantic City
November 1 1980 First Amber Kirn at the graduate hall in Princeton Univ.:
First theater, “THE HOT IRON” (Ursula still rehearsing 2/89)
December 1980 Aleksondra’s first Heraldry article (still writing 2/89)
February 1981 Gryphonwald elects Brother Eligor first Seneschal
April 4 1981 The Shire of Settmour Swamp hosts the first Coronation of Siegfried & Wanda
King Siegfried & Queen Wanda grant Baronial Status to Settmour Swamp;
Magda z Stalburg invested as the Swamp’s founding Baroness;
Gwenyth given AoAs by both Gavin and Sigfried;
First Swamp event for Eirik, Merlynia, Lydia
(Tuchux knife fighting to music!)
Spring 1981 Gryphonwald an official Canton of the Barony of Settmour Swamp
May 23 1981 Merlynia becomes Mistress of Arts; Lydia becomes Exchequer;
Berudta becomes first Baronial Champion
July 25 1981 Gallantry Tourney (Gwenyth)
August 1981 Pennsic – Gwenyth serves as Camp Mommy
Sept. 12 1981 First Flight – Gryphonwald – Cheesequake (Eligor)
Sept. 26 1981 First Peasant’s Feast (Gwenyth) Schooley’s Mountain
October 10 1981 First Oriental Feast – Bhakail (Geoffrey d’ Courville)
October 31 1981 Second Amber Kirn:
Swamp ladies dance for visiting Tuchux (Deathshadow);
Wedding of Emrys & Brighid (first SWAMP wedding);
Swamp’s Anthem, “God Bless Our Noble Swamp” written
November 1981 Baroness Magda z Stalburg moves to Virginia
December 1981 Merlynia’s Angel with Sword Mudpuppy cover (still draws 2/89)
January 1982 Ursula awarded a SILVER CRESCENT by TRH Aelfwine & Arastorm
January 30 1982 Ursula invested as Baroness at Bellringer’s in Carillion
February 1982 Elysende becomes second Seneschale
February 6 1982 Beatrice becomes second Seneschale of Gryphonwald
March 6 1982 Second MUDTHAW – Schooley’s Mountain:
Sir Sigfried, Sir Strykar, Deathshadow & Sparrowhawk attend;
Elysende awarded first SILVER TOWER
May 1 1982 Tuchux Were Hunt – Pennsylvania (Gwenyth, Berudta & Elysende)
June/July 1982 Baroness Ursula abducted by Carillion / WAR with Carillion;
Coinneach wins second Baronial Championship Tourney
June 19-20 1982 Gallantry Tourney (Gwenyth) Cheesequake Park
July 9 1982 Swan’s Upping Faire (Embla (Eva)): Bronwyn receives BRONZE TOWER;
Wedding of Genvieve Durann & Alaric an Cluin
1981/1982 Activities Fighting Practice, Clothier’s Guild, Dance Practice, Stomps, Theater Guild, Cook’s Guild, Belly Dancing
August 1982 Merlynia & Lydia make large “Settmour Swamp” banner for WAR
August 7 1982 STOMP at Ellwyn’s, Retep’s first Stomp, Swimming Pool
August 1982 Pennsic – Gwenyth serves as Camp Mommy
Sept. 1982 Christopher begins Dance Class (still teaching 2/89)
Sept. 19 1982 Second Peasant feast (Gwenyth) Schooley’s Mountain Fire Hall:
Gwenyth awarded second SILVER TOWER;
Eirik Rodbjorn wins best peasant garb
October 23 1982 A Bazaar Day & Arabian Nite – Gryphonwald (Beatrice): Bad Heraldry Contest
November 1982 Master Christopher & Baroness Ursula become third Chroniclers
January 1983 Oberon makes the Great Seal of the Barony of Settmour Swamp;
Ursula writes the History of Settmour Swamp – Part 1
February 1983 Roman-British Festival (Merlynia):
Naughty bits of Lysistrata performed;
Gwenyth & Merlynia create subtlety of “Bodica taking London”
March 26 1983 Third MUDTHAW (Lydia):
Merlynia awarded third SILVER TOWER;
BRONZE TOWERS: Coinneach, Beatrice, Alexsondra & Sigmundr
April 16 1983 Italian Renaissance Feast – Gryphonwald (Megan & Tygger)
May 28-29 1983 First Quest of Wit & Wisdom, (Gwenyth) Dodd’s Sheep pasture:
Frieden & Eirik become third Baronial Champions
July 1983 Coinneach becomes Knight Marshal (still marshalling 2/89)
August 1983 Pennsic – Euan invades with “Moose! Moose! I want a Moose!”
September 1983 Carillion’s first Lakewood Renaissance Faire;
Gershom takes his Ph.D. oral exam wearing a SWAMP tabard!!!
October 1983 Amberle becomes fourth Chronicler
October 8 1983 Coronation of Viktor & Sedalia (Embla (Eva))
????????? 1983 Tennequay third Seneschal of Gryphonwald
November 1983 Dylan draws his first Mudpuppy cover (still drawing 2/89)
December 1983 Retep’s first article on Heraldry (still screaming 2/89)
January 1984 Alexander autocrats Swamp Twelfth Night:
Oberon gets BRONZE TOWER;
Elysende steps down as Seneschale
January 1984 Officer’s meeting confirms Ursula as Baroness;
Alexander appointed temporary Seneschal
Feb. 11 1984 Feast of Saint Valentine – Gryphonwald (Burn the Heretic!)
Stephan the Black killed for the first time by Dylan
March 31 1984 Fourth MUDTHAW – (late because Alexander was in Australia):
Lydia awarded 4th SILVER TOWER and becomes 3rd Seneschale
April 1984 First Brewer’s Guild at Eirik & Merlynia’s (still sip’n 2/89)
April 27 1984 Oriental Feast (Sigmundr & Ushi): Attack of the Ninja
May 1984 Amberle resigns as Chronicler; Dylan becomes new Chronicler
May 12 1984 Eirik Rodbjorn chosen Baron-elect of Settmour Swamp
May 25 1984 Second Quest of Wit & Wisdom (Quest of the Wandering Monk) (Amberle):
Sheep Pasture with water spout; Calum chastised;
Baroness Ursula and Baron-elect Eirik Rodbjorn hold court;
Berudta wins fourth Baronial Championship Tourney
August 1984 Pennsic – Swamp fields five fighters: Berudta (Tuchux), Calum, Gershom (Caid), Freiden (Middle), Coinneach
September 1984 Ektor becomes fourth Seneschal of Gryphonwald
September 8 1984 Eirik Rodbjorn invested as Baron Settmour Swamp at a fabulous ceremony autocrated by Gwenyth:
Guillermo made coronet with gothic arches for Eirik;
Gwenyth given a MANCHE from King Hasdrubal and Queen Amber;
Brighid awarded BRONZE TOWER
????????? 1984 Retep creates jewel-inlaid carved scepters for Eirik & Ursula
November 1984 House Bheithir formed by Dylan, Cuthbad, Calum, Andros
December 1 1984 Wedding of Eirik and Merlynia (women make their sacrifices)
March 1985 Dylan leaves for Michigan State Univ. (Barony North Woods);
Rayus becomes Chronicler;
Settmour Swamp includes Essex, Hunterdon, parts of Middlesex, Morris, Somerset, Union and Warren Counties;
Carillion’s Annual Chicken Fat Festival (Mudpuppy joke issue)
March 30 1985 Fifth MUDTHAW: Dylan & Rayus awarded BRONZE TOWERS;
Alexander becomes fourth Seneschal
April 1985 Merlynia hosts Celtic day, spreading the plaid plague;
Crafts Guilds & Madrigal Practice begin;
Argyle’s first Pot au Feu column (still cooking 2/89)
May 1 1985 First Swamp trip to Higgin’s Armoury, try on real armour
June 1985 Emrys fifth Seneschal of Gryphonwald
June 29 1985 Wetlands Alliance Treaty signed between Settmour Swamp and Ironbog at Summer Solstice Event
June 1985 Coinnneach wins fifth Baronial Championship Tourney
July 1985 Thorsten designs portable picnic table; Swamp builds several
August 1985 Pennsic – Wetlands Alliance forms large fighting group
November 16 1985 Day of Games (Argyle & Alexsondra)
December 1985 Norr & Rachel host Fighter & Archery Practice (still do 2/89);
David the Smith forms Craft Guild (start – Jack of all Trades)
January 11 1986 Seventeenth Night (Lydia)
March 15 1986 Sixth MUDTHAW:
Alexander awarded fifth SILVER TOWER;
Andrusus, Brian, Millisande & Guillermo given BRONZE TOWERS
House Ostrov (from Freya (predates SWAMP)) 15 years old
April 1986 first Mudguppy – (Mitchell & Jessa) Mudbunny of the Month;
Barony’s application for Principality approved
April 5 1986 Coronation – Ronald & Bronwyn (Gravin Eva van Oudeachterkol):
Ursula steps down as Baroness Settmour Swamp;
King Ronald & Queen Bronwyn make Ursula a Court Baroness;
Dylan made a coronet with gothic arches for Ursula;
Settmour Swamp Madrigals appear on the Uncle Floyd Show and then make encore performance for TRH Ronald & Bronwyn
???????? 1986 Carillion joins the Wetlands Alliance
???????? 1986 Merlynia orders SWAMP T-Shirts with leaning tower on them
April 26 1986 Inn of the Black Gryphon – Gryphonwald (Tygger):
Nadira pays 1000 “silver” pieces for trim
May 1 1986 Second trip to Higgin’s Armoury
May 23-26 1986 Third Quest of Wit & Wisdom (Quest of Silver Arrow) (Deirdre)
June 1986 Banns of Marriage: Aeginold del Thoar & Tamar de Chante Ishta;
Banns of Marriage: Caspian & Tygger;
Kelson sixth Seneschale of Gryphonwald
June 15 1986 First Scottish Day demo at Bonnie Brae
June 28 1986 Demo: Hillsborough Library
July 1986 Tammaron a’ Bheithir killed in an auto accident
July 1986 Serric der Grimmige wins sixth Baronial Champion Tourney
July 26 1986 First Schola (Merlynia):
First IVORY TOWERS awarded to Brighid, Merlynia, Calum, and Alexsondra;
Retep, Emrys, and Daffyd the Smith awarded BRONZE TOWERS
August 1986 Pennsic XV – Wetlands Alliance led by Dragon Standard created by Merlynia and David the Smith;
Elena & Thorsten are Camp Mommy & Daddy;
Merlynia awarded MANCHE
November 8 1986 Gryphonwald – Roman Banquet (Kelson & Tygger)
January 1987 HUGE Stomp at Kasha’s;
Deirdre deputy Seneschale
February 1987 Tour of Beweries in New York
March 28 1987 Seventh MUDTHAW (All Fool’s Day) (Thorsten & Elena)
Sixth SILVER TOWER awarded to Baroness Ursula;
BRONZE TOWERS awarded to Mitchell, Jessa, Elena, Torrson, Norric, Rachel, Tygger, Deirdre;
Helen’s belly dancing dazzles the crowd (still dancing 2/89)
Spring 1987 Aldraic a’ Bheithir killed by a choking accident
April 1987 Second Mudguppy: Seneschal Gloat, Alexander-Seneschal-for-life
Unarmored 3 man melee and cat slinging tourney
April 25 1987 May Revel (Emrys & Brighid)
May 23 1987 Fourth Quest for Wit & Wisdom (Quest for the Sable Unicorn) (Dierdre, Rachel, Rhiannnon:
Chlotifer’s “pavillion”:
Wulfstan wins seventh Baronial Champion Tourney
July 1987 Second Schola (Merlynia) Argyle’s beer tasting, Calligraphy
August 1987 Pennsic – Cattle Raids; Dylan and Theoden become sheep
Sept. 12 1987 Demo at “Newark Festival of the People” in Newark
October 3 1987 Harvest Festival (Helen & Rhiannon)
October 1987 Mudpuppy wins East Kingdom Newsletter Contest in categories of best newsletter & best theme issue (June Viking issue)
December 19 1987 Masked Revel – Gryphonwald (Kelson)
January 1987 Jessa & Mitchell take Pikestaff; Chlotifer acting Chronicler
February 1988 Serric’s German Household forming; Germanic Culture Articles
March 5 1988 Eighth MUDTHAW (Celtic theme):
TRM Morghun and Rowan and TRH Gavin and Sedalia attend;
AoA’s given to Brighid, Norric, and Rachel;
Alexander steps down as Seneschal;
Deirdre becomes fifth Seneschale;
Wedding of Aongus Eirikson and Morgaine a’ Bheithir
May 30 1988 Fifth Quest for Wit & Wisdom (Funathalon):
Catriona, Serric, Nillarioh, Chlotifer & Calum receive BRONZE TOWERS;
Wedding of Oliviandre & Sechal;
Calum wins eighth Baronial Championship Tourney
April 16 1988 Coronation of Gavin & Sedalia (Carillion):
Baron Eirik carried into court on a litter while throwing coins and rings to the crowd with a retinue of ~40 Swampies
April 23 1988 Wedding of Retep and Oriana at Swamp Stomp at Norr & Rachel’s
May 1988 Grimbold organizes CPR courses for training Chirurgeons
June 3 1988 Second Scottish Day at Bonnie Brae
August 1988 Pennsic – Baron Eirik volunteers the Swamp for WAR SECURITY;
Calum gets AoA;
Merlynia volunteers the Swamp for water bearing;
Wedding of Ekaterina (Kasha) and Wulfgang
September 1988 Swamp helps mundane Renaissance Faire in Westfield
September 1988 Incipient Canton of MARWICK organized (parts of Union County, Boundbrook, Warren & Watchung): Reya becomes first Seneschale
October 2 1988 Marwick hosts “Settmour Social” (Stomp)
October 23 1988 Third Amber Kirn at Gill St Bernard’s School:
Dylan & Dierdre receive seventh & eighth SILVER TOWERS;
Helen, Persephone, Trevyn, Valery Fitzgerald, Cuthbadh, and Aongus Eirikson receive BRONZE TOWERS;
December 1988 Tamsin helping Chlotifer as Deputy Chronicler for the Mudpuppy
January 1989 Chlotifer changes his name to Chlotivert
January 7 1989 Settmour Swamp 13th Night – (King of Fools) – (Alexander)
February 1989 Deirdre resigns as Seneschale; Dylan becomes Seneschal-Elect